Horse Trade venues are available for rent year-round. Because New York City's venues vary widely, we highly recommend that you make an appointment to view the venue you're interested in, to make sure it's right for your project.


"For those wanting to mount a short run late at night for a small out-of-pocket expense, Horse Trade may be your best bet" - BackStage

Book a Performance


  • The spaces are available to view most days; to be scheduled around rehearsals and other bookings; call 212-777-6088 or email for availability.
  • After seeing the venue (or if you are already familiar with our venues), email or call 212-777-6088 to place a rental request.
  • Please include the following in your email, or be prepared with this information over the phone:
         - Theater requested 
         - Dates and times requested
         - Contact's phone number and email 
         - Company (if applicable) and project name
  • Our booking manager will be in contact with you about setting up a time to sign a contract.
  • One third of the space fee is due at contract signing. The rest of the space fee and incidentals (including fireguard, insurance, and rehearsals) may be paid on a payment plan.
  • We accept checks, cash, credit cards, and money orders.


Performance Policies


  • We rent on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There are no refunds and no date changes once a venue is contracted for a performance.
  • We require general liability insurance for any performance. 
  • We require a fireguard be present at each performance. We can provide a fireguard for you, at a fee of $75 per performance, or we can provide a letter of fitness for someone from your company to become certified. More detailed information on fireguard certification can be found at our website here.
  • Personnel (techs, box office staff, etc.) are not included in rental fees.
  • All sets must be struck and stored nightly; a limited amount of storage space is made available to each show.
  • Projectors and screens are available in each space; for a fee of $50 per performance.
  • Use of the light and sound boards are included in rental fees; we have a standard rep plot with four refocusable lights in each space.


Book a Rehearsal



Rehearsal Policies


  • We rent on a first come, first serve basis.
  • We require 24 hours notice of cancellation.
  • Rehearsals scheduled for evening hours (after 6pm) or weekend hours (Sa, Su) are subject to removal for a performance. These rehearsals are scheduled during performance slots, and performances are given priority. Rehearsals scheduled during daytime and week day hours (M-F 10am-6pm) are recommended.
  • A tech rehearsal means that the breakers for the light board have been turned on, whether the stage lights are used for the entire rehearsal or not.
  • The first 6 hours of tech rehearsals will be charged at the regular rate (evening/weekend or weekday, whichever applies), with a contract.




  • Storage, set, prop, lighting, and sound questions should be directed to
  • Billing, insurance, and fireguard questions should be directed to
  • Ground plans, light plots, tech specs, and rental rates for all three spaces are available on our website,
  • Free half hour tech orientations are available for your techs to familiarize themselves with our spaces and equipment. Appointments can be made by emailing
  • Our office is open 10am-6pm every day; our spaces are open 10am-12am every day. Call 212-777-6088 or email for availability.


Important Notes


  • All rates are available online. As we keep our prices as low as possible, we offer only one discount, LIT members receive a 10% discount on rehearsal space.
  • In general, one night events are only available Sunday - Wednesday. Weekend 8pm shows are rented in a three-day block.
  • Your company is required to provide a fireguard or each performance. All fireguard info is available on our website.
  • Your company is required to purchase general liability insurance. You have the option of buying into our plan, or we can provide you with recommendations. You can inquire for details at time of contract.
  • All sets must be struck and put away nightly; a limited amount of storage space will be made available to each show.  There is a repertory (unalterable) plot in each venue.  Each venue has a minimum of four Re-Focusable lights.
  • We require 24 hours notice of cancellation on rehearsal bookings.




Horse Trade Krain Theater logoKraine Theater
85 East 4th St
Between 2nd & 3rd Ave (Bowery)
First floor, no wheelchair access



Horse Trade UNDER St. Mark logoUNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place
Between 1st Ave and Ave A
Basement theater, no wheelchair access