Erez Ziv, Managing Director


Erez has joyfully dedicated the last 15 years of his life to creating an entirely self sustaining Indie theater company in New York City .

His educational history includes a BA in Jewish and Religious studies with a minor in comparative religion from the University of Minnesota, he worked on a Masters Degree in Talmud and Rabbinics from JTS and attended semester at Oxford. He is a licensed fireguard, Handsom Cab Driver, sprinkler systems inspector, flame proofing Supervisor and wedding ceremony officiant.


He is very happy to have helped to firmly establish Horse Trade's reputation in the downtown theater scene and to create a well respected, self sufficient organization that has created and continues to create a home for some the New York City's most innovative, talented and hard working theater artists.


Thankfully the World keeps providing him with both fresh and refined talent to let loose on NYC and the world.


Erez is also a father.


Tess F. Henry, Office Manager


Shula Kaplan, CFO


Shula joined Horse Trade in 2008 after many years in corporate accounting. Thanks to Horse Trade, she has now found a way to merge her professional career with her passion for the arts.



Emily Owens, Publicity


Emily is a press relations agency specializing in independent theatre. Clients include Horse Trade, The Brick, New Georges, Flux Theatre Ensemble, Gideon Productions, AntiMatter Collective, and UglyRhino. Website »


Helena Farhi, Festival Coordinator


Festival Coordinator by day, actor and director by night, Helena has been working for Horse Trade in various capacities since summer of 2014.  After surviving her first Frigid, she is thrilled to continue working with the Frigid/HT team to help produce innovative festivals that bring new audiences to the downtown theater scene.  Prior to working at Horse Trade, Helena interned with The Women's Project Theater and the Studio Theater in DC.  Helena is a recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama. 


Salli Squitieri  Creative Development, Special Events, Music Programs


Salli Squitieri has been promoting, booking and managing performers and artists since her youth and orchestrated countless special events and small festivals. She has been the proprietor of her own music and art venues, café and cultural centers. Further, she was the co-founder of the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society (PBFS) and handled the Paul Butterfield estate and Royalty recovery for approx. 20 years. Through the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society she developed care packages for struggling artists and touring bands. Salli is presently working in many capacities with ‘Horse Trade Theater Group’/’Frigid NY’, ‘Kevin Lyttle’ and ‘Tarakon Records’ and ‘Fete King Music’ as well as managing International Soca Artist MaddZart. Salli also volunteers and serves with the Rising Sun Performance Co.