The monthly Music Series and the Caribbean Nights Series


This monthly Music Series is being introduced and hosted by Horse Trade/Frigid NY and Music Event Producer Salli Squitieri bringing both up and coming and renowned performing artists of all genres from near and far to these two historically rich funky chic unique east village flavored theatres. 


With so many of the smaller venues disappearing, this series not only helps to fill a void by creating a new forum for musicians, but likewise offers the regional clientele the experience of an off the beaten path, nostalgic and intimate music sojourn. 


Many of the performers who are eager to be part of this series and help kick start it are specifically customizing their shows and designing performances just for this series.


As part of the Music Series Salli implemented a Caribbean Nights Segment as a means to create a new forum enabling Caribbean (and neighboring regions) voices and music to be heard. Taking the series to another aspect where not only would the artist be presented but likewise a means to present the richness and beauty of each artist’s homeland.  The Caribbean Night Series includes a video/slide presentation of the artist’s country, a supporting performer, an interview with the artists, full performance, free door prize drawings and after party.


There are limited Caribbean music venues many of them have disappeared as well. There is so much emerging talent with limited opportunities to be heard.  And we hope to be able to present a new forum for Caribbean Artists to be heard...and a forum to help enhance awareness of what treasures the Caribbean truly holds...


The Launch dates for the Caribbean Nights Series were Thursday October 20th, November 17th and December 15th, however will continue the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted. 


Award Winnin Vincentian Soca Artist-MaddZart (and his band the “_King Band”) was the founding artist who launched the series and shook the stage and left the audience wanting more. The Caribbean Nights has become a popular affair and is in high demand resulting in new Reggae and Hip Hop Series as well.


The regular Music Series takes place on various nights throughout each month and performers range from folk, blues, jazz, avant-garde, etc.


We are continually exploring the plethora of talent and working to present a multicultural and abundant array of styles from Blues, Folk, Jazz, Avant-garde, Americana, Soca and more for an exciting and memorable experience for all age groups and all walks of life.


Musicians interested in performing and being part of this new developing monthly music series, please contact Salli Squitieri at for details.