We are now officialy taking submissions for FringeBYOV (www.FringeNYC.org) shows in both The Kraine and UNDER St. Marks this October.

Fringe will provide:  space in their program and the megaphone of their festival.

FRIGID will Provide: Performance space, tech space, technical equipment including stage lighting, basic sound, Microphones, Projector, 4 rehearsal blocks, assorted chairs and tables, Booth operator, House Manager, Our own Marketing and PR Team.

You will provide:  A show of a precise running time, A show that can be setup and struck quickly under festival conditions. Your full efforts in marketting and promoting your show.


There is a flat fee per booked performance do at signing.  the box office will be split between the venue and the artist based on the bellow formula.  More money up from will equal a bigger payout at the end.
Kraine UNDER St. Marks % of Box office kept by Artist
$500 $350 90%
$400 $300 75%
$300 $225 50%

This is what we need from you to apply:

your name and contact information

Show Title

40-60 word blurb about your show

a full script of recording of the intended production.

past production history for both the show in question and you or your company as producers.

Please send this require material to office@FRIGIDnewyork.info