5 Guests you won’t want to miss!


LOU PEREZ-- Award-winning comic with over 33 million views on YouTube and current head writer and executive producer for We The Internet TV. 

ROB MONTZ-- Award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, and creator of Silence U who’s been featured in the New York Times, BBC World News, and the Economist.

KMELE FOSTER-- Partner and lead producer on Freethink’s original shows, co-host of the syndicated podcast, The Fifth Column, and producer on the original series Pop Revolution.  

DR. NANCY GOLDMAN-- Storytelling Crackerjack, former TV Exec, and professor whose insight has graced the likes of the Producers Guild of America, NYU, and Columbia University.

MATT RUBY-- Comedian who's appeared on MTV, NBC Sesso, and Sirius XM and mastermind behind the comedy album "Hot Flashes" available on iTunes and Spotify. 


Tickets are $10 online and at the door. All student tickets are free-- use promo code STUDENT online or request a student ticket at the window. All free tickets must be accompanied by a valid student ID at the door. 


See you Tuesday night!


Presented by We The Internet TV & The Moving Picture Institute.