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Horse Trade presents


Cognac Live Radio Orchestra
Written and Directed by Cognac

Every Third Sunday of the month*
@ 7 pm

* Jan 24th instead of 17th
* March 14th instead of March 21st.

Turn on the radio, Dad, it's Sunday!” Cognac Live Radio Orchestra presents a sweet tirade of radio plays, audio sketches, and characters. Foley effects, musical acts, and a professional dance crew bring you a delightful live comedy hour. Free clementines.

Pay as you will

Cognac is a smattering of freckles upon your best friend’s shoulder.
Cognac is going to put you there for inspiration. Cognac.
An imaginative flurry, a little bit like Jim Carey but funnier. Cognac is like you are lifting a 3- pound weight.


Eleanore Pienta is a visual artist working in photography and video.  She is also an actor and dancer and co-founded COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM, which she co-choreographs and performs with regularly.  She hails from New York where she hatched from an egg.  Eleanore is currently acting in, as well as directing many short films and music videos.  Some say she is a wild elephant with energy enough to make a mountain out of dust.

Steve Rippin hails from sunny Los Angeles by way of Boston Massachusetts where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Television from Emerson College.  He currently works on the TV show South Park as an assistant coordinator, which is not as fun as performing with Cognac even just for one show.  He is excited to be in New York for tonight's show and looks forward to developments in the fields of time travel and teleportation so he can attend all the other shows.
Tallie Medel is a Brooklyn-based stage/film actor, dancer, and comedian, working as a theater and dance educator at the non-profit Young at Arts.  She co-choreographs and dances with COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM.  Once, she won an award at the 2007 Sidewalk Film Festival in Alabama, for Best Actor in a Film by an Alabaman Filmmaker.  (I know!)  Tallie was co-president of Emerson's long-form improv troupe This Is Pathetic and a founding member of Cognac.  She works on a lot of projects with filmmaker Daniel Scheinert like the shorts Trust, A Life of Crime, Love Corner, I'm Nostalgic, and now the full-length
 movie Everything A Monster Is Not (2009).
Tallie is by far the funniest teacher at work.  Ask the kids.  They'll tell you.
Alessandro Tabora is a kazoo enthusiast living and working in Brookyn. He performs with the Toys and Tiny Instruments Orchestra while also working independently under his name. He works as the educational intern for BRIC Arts, a non-profit organization supporting the arts in Brooklyn. Mr. Tabora's current goal is to have everyone stop joking around and start taking the kazoo seriously.
Sunita Mani is a comedic stage/film actress, dancer, and improviser in the United States of America. She has a BFA in Writing and her credits include a set of exciting titles she made up. Other credits include short videos for the Internet and co-writing full-length plays with her college comedy troupe. Sunita takes improv classes at Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre and she is a UCB Diversity Scholarship recipient. She also co-choreographs and co-founded COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM, Brooklyn’s finest dance crew. Sunita dances and improvises (with her team CHESTER) all over this place. Find her, take note, and recognize something universal inside of her and in all of us. But don’t hold it inside because it will make you sick.
Jordan Clifford somehow moved to Brooklyn without a pillow. Perhaps he could one day get a pillow, but for now he’s keeping it real.  He is a writer and performer of things comedic, but is totally willing to write or perform anything for money. He first hit “the comedy scene” in “1996” when he did a dramatic reading of “Gin and Juice” for his 8th grade poetry showcase and totally killed it. I mean he really destroyed. The audience fucking loved it, all the kids lost their shit, even the teachers, and he was the coolest kid in school for the next decade. In college he did improv and wrote plays to wild success and biddies. Now an accomplished resumeist, he does stand-up to challenge his self-worth and writes extensively about his crippling procrastination in such publications as Facebook and GChat from the comfort of his bed. Recent credits include the Boston Comedy Festival and the A.N.T. Festival at Ars Nova Theater, recent debits include ice cream and beer from a gas station. He can also be seen as a writer/performer in The Moon Show. He hopes to one day have a pillow.
Dustin Straube is a struggling editor/person living in Brooklyn NY.  Coming from Emerson College, he was co-president of the comedy troup: Swolen Monkey Showcase (SwoMo for short).  And he was a part of Zebro a Laugh Show.  These days he enjoys looking for jobs, and almost doing what he really wants to do in life.
Zack Willis loves pound cake. He'll go through one of those things in a night and not even care about it. He distracts himself from the Hunger by doing improv within the UCB diaspora and now by doing this wholly satisfying Live Radio Show! He, like his compatriots went to Emerson College. Isn't it strange that none of us knew each other until after we all moved to NY? That's not true. Also Zack once won a Comedy Award. A thousand bucks! That's 500 pounds sterling. And about 200 pound cakes. 
Manny Psihountas, unlike his friends did not attend Emerson College.  Attending the prestigious Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, Psihountas is a critically acclaimed playwright, working with names such as Wallace Shaun and Gordon Porterfield.  He is a 2009 Rhodes Schollar and his debut feature film Science Friction Returns wowed audiences across Boston during screenings in 2008.  Also, sometimes he makes stuff up.